Why esPRO flowmeter?

Why esPRO flowmeter?

Because you can choose between a monitor attached series (V-xxD) and monitor unattached series (V-xx). Both are available depending on customer’s


The esPRO flow meters are designed for contact-free precision flow measurement of high purity fluids. The ultra-pure PFA body contains no moving parts, eliminating any possibility for particle generation. They are lightweight, compact, easy to retrofit/install, reliable, low in cost, and can be ordered with or without displays.

The esPRO flowmeter uses a non-contact ultrasonic sensor method, that detects the Karman vortex in your fluid. Light weight and compact, the esPRO flowmeters compact design allows fitting on closely-spaced parallel piping.

D-series are equipped with a small monitor and provide analog output, pulse output as well as high & low boundary output.


Non-invasive measurement

High accuracy (…) and repeatability

High purity PFA

No particle generation


If a fluid flows past a shedder body, a regular pattern of vortices called Karman Vortex street alternately trails aft in the wake. The ultrasonic wave oscillating time varies proportional to the vortex shedding frequency. We can obtain the measured flow by detecting any changes in ultrasonic wave oscillating time.

The number of generated vortices is depending on the flow speed only and independent on other parameters as viscosity
or specific gravity of the fluid.